Epsilon: PART 1

Here is an introduction to Rii’s first project car, Epsilon. Detailing what the project is, why I’m doing it and the progress so far.

Epsilon is the name of Japan’s newest space shuttle, so makes a fitting name for Rii’s newest drift missile, a 1992 Nissan 240sx. The goal of this project is to create a capable, “gangster ass” drift car, on a strict budget, learning as much as possible, while experimenting with modifications. Trying to use ideas and do things outside the box, that you wouldn’t normally try on a road going car. Also building community ties, trying to source everything locally, instead of buying Ebay/internet and killing local business in the process. The car may one day see the street, but for the near future it will most likely only see a farmyard, dirt roads and 100 kmp/h tops.
My Ae86s are my main car projects presently, juggling 3 of them is enough work already, I picked up this project because my brothers first car was a red 240sx hatch, unfortunately the whole car went horribly wrong, with him spending way too much money, and resulting in him not liking anything that wasn’t brand new with warranty. As soon as I found out he didn’t like mechanics and was paying shops to swap shitty overpriced engines and spending obscene amounts of money on labor I quickly found a buyer for his car and told him to use the money as a down payment and get a Scion FR-S, one of the few acceptable new cars in my world.

So being the guy I am and always wanting a new project or four, I acquired a quad, which I traded for a BMW E30, which I then traded for a 240sx coupe. The car my brother and I originally wanted to be his first car, but settled for a hatch because of the market at the time. I used this as an excuse to acquire the new to me car and start a project with him involved, to show cars can be fun and not always such deep money pits, sometimes only money pot holes, if you play your cards right.
My main goal right now is just to make the car look like I want. The mechanics can get dealt within the vision of my brothers goals. I really didn’t need this car just wanted it. Its like 4th in line of my projects and I can’t drive all of them at once, so if it is a nice piece of immobile art for awhile that’s OK with me and hopefully it will be moving by winter with some sort of Frankenstein engine we rig up for it, so we can tandem this year without a $30,000 car next to my door as the case was this past winter. Case in point – ( https://riiprojects.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/winter-fun/ )

The car was traded, and moved onto the trailer by way of ramming it with a secondary truck in true “ain’t care” style. It has no engine…or taillights…or diff…or transmission…or door handles…or wheels…OK there wasn’t much there, especially for a straight across trade for the complete BMW E30 with a dropped valve. Although I wouldn’t have touched the BMW because German engineering didn’t interest me unless it was made in Stuttgart, along with four doors, but I would work on a 240, traded it was.

It had a terrible body kit on it, covering a lot of rust. Metal plates glued to the floor to cover up rust holes, the wheel wells aren’t doing so hot either. The pop up head lights were a problem since I always wanted fixed headlights for a s13 , off they came. We started by stripped the interior and sound deadening, ripping off the body kit, and using a pipe and axe to beat out some 1/4 panel damage…with more damage (made sense at the moment).  We cut the springs to get it sitting right, and ordered some 15×8 -53 offset diamond racing rims for the look I wanted (couldn’t find a dealer to order from in town, so approached a local business, introduced them to the rim supplier online and they were happy to get involved, now my community has a source for rims, which is a first, and hopefully it can expand into some more aftermarket stuff!). Next we gave it a spray bomb and took a saw to a giant wing I had, mounted it with brackets, and had a new duck tail spoiler, which looks aggressive and awesome. I cut up some pipe and started to create a bash bar and fog light brackets, but it has yet to be welded, since that is a skill I’m currently working on, flux core MIG isn’t the easiest I’m finding. Did my first experimenting with fiberglass, which was extremely easy and I’m now regretting a lot of metal fabrication I have done in the past. A solution that worked out was that I could not source fiberglass mat locally or cheap enough, but could find resin. After some research on the resin and fiberglass I found the mat was just 100% polyester strands. Went to a fabric store and picked up a few yards of 100% polyester fabric…Worked great, but was a bit thick I will probably get the thinnest fabric I can find next time. Might be a trick you can use if you are from a smaller city like me.
Progress so far.

Next Epsilon will get the rust removed, body welded up, finish the paint job, bash bar and roll cage fabbed up, mount the diamond rims and some Bondo work over the fiberglass. Also I took out the seats and are cutting them up to make budget bucket seats. Pretty much just get it ready for a drive train, when the right deal comes up. Stay “Tuned”.


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