Guest Blog: 100%’er

Rii: To celebrate reaching 150,000 views! I’m going to introduce to you a very interesting, passionate, spontaneous and good friend of mine. He, like I had a little itch to write and offered this post to me, I think it compliments Rii’s vision perfectly.

“You never know what you’re gonna find, so always keep looking”. -Steve K.

Dedication, drive, determination and direction are words I use to describe a successful weekend. My life is like a huge to-do list that seems to be never ending. There’s always a new project, or a crazy idea, or a silly dream that is just around the corner. The prospect of a new idea is what gets it started. My brain goes into overdrive. Internet searches, eBay watch lists, forum stalking, scheduled visits to any and every swap meet/ rally/ show just to connect to one more person to find that last piece, or the first. If I didn’t have crazy dreams, what else would I have? Would my skills and abilities deteriorate? Would I be like everyone else, shopping at the dealerships, and Harley parts catalogs?
When was the last time you got so excited about a project you woke up at 6am to make it to the swap early? How many barns did you go through to find that last part? When you got home, was it to a conclusion, or another new beginning? I gauge my personal success purely on how much fun I had searching. Some people might think, finding the part is the finish line. That makes for a short story. Nobody is going to be upset with themselves for driving 3 hours with a buddy just to end up with dirty hands and a few small antiques. Because the story goes on. You’ll keep asking around, looking, researching, planning. The greatest rush I get is from finding that filled-to-the-brim building, which hasn’t seen light in 20, maybe 30 years. The treasures that await!
You can’t give up on yourself. Just because you haven’t found what you’re looking for doesn’t mean you should quit. SCOUER! Not cower. Why did you even start your project? Vanity? Power? Sentiment? Obscurity? Is the goal to restore a car? Modify some sheet metal? Learn how to sew? Along the way, the road has twists, turns, bumps and hills. Climb them, because it’s all downhill after that.

Is it better to lose some battles in the struggles for your dreams, than to be defeated without knowing what you’re fighting for? I go out almost every weekend. Searching. Sometimes for nothing. Just looking. Maybe I need a signal light, but I went home with a bamboo fishing rod. Wanted to find a hood emblem, went home with 3 vintage bicycles. Everything turns gears in my head. Fix the bike, clean it off, and it’ll make someone else happy for years to come. Go out for an ice cream, stop on the way home, now I have a 100 year old claw-foot wood stove I can convert into a tré chic meat smoker. What more of ourselves can we apply to our projects? How much time can a person spend educating themselves? Regardless of what destiny our projects have, we go at our own pace, have our own goals, fulfilling our own desires. If you aren’t putting 100% in, you aren’t going to get 100% back. Keep digging. Keep searching. I can’t stop won’t stop adding to my to-do list, nor should you. After all, they say idle hands are the devils tools. -STEVE k.1steve
P.s. If you like BMX satire or Just like to see the pot get stirred ,check out Steve’s own creation THE DUMP OUT BMX.


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