Monthly Archives: July 2014

Rii west

Well this is my first post from a phone. Excuse the grammar.

I finally feel healthy enough to handle a roadtrip, if I was being honest I’m probably not healthy enough for one but I’m not going to wait another year to see this amazing world. I have been cooped up too long. I grabbed my Porsche keys, put my bmx on my roof and have set off west.

I have many old friends I haven’t rode with for along time in Alberta and system bmx is taking me to Vancouver. I will then go through central and southern Alberta and back up through southern saskatchewan back home. Also hit some mountain roads in my favorite car somewhere along the way.

I am in Edmonton currently after many spots and tourist things, the trip is amazing. Look forward to a “after trip recap post” and a trip bmx video.


Well it took 9 months since I did my first double backflip on a trampoline, moved it to diving boards and now to my bike! completing a goal off my Bucket list. Enjoy