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It’s Funner With Friends!


Next Week!


The Rii Projects – Western Canada Trip is just one weekend from being over. It has been a crazy adventure so far. Too many great experiences and friends to ever share, but I will try my best. A 10 minute road trip edit will be released next week, along with 10 one off stickers and a run of 5 unique shirts. I have finally decided what Rii will actually produce regularly, I’m so excited to start! Among travelling for 5 weeks, moving out, blowing up my car, going through a breakup, running with bulls, cliff diving, preforming at exhibitions and stampedes, monster trucks, street drifting, running mountain roads in a Porsche 911, filming, managing Rii, editing footage, visiting all my friends and family, while making new friends everyday…it is safe to say I have been busy, but there is no rest for the wicked and shit is about to get wicked!