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I recently spent all of my money (plus some) to travel and compete in the dew tour am series in Toronto, Canada. While in Ontario I was able to; ride at a world class indoor bike park, sleep on the streets, walk 25km in new shoes, bike 60km on a time limit, break both wrists, miss a flight, make dew tour finals! Go to a Blue Jays game, also sight see the beautiful city of Toronto and its tourism. The best part was definitely seeing friends and having fun, this was just some footage I shot with friends during a afternoon at the amazing joyride 150 park. I hope to save then travel and spend all of November at this park.


It’s time…


I can sit at a table and talk about goals, dreams, ideas, or philosophy all day, every day for the rest of my life. I can sit on a curb and talk to a vagrant to hear their struggle and journey. I can sit on a tire and talk to a mechanic about their life and future goals. I can sit at a desk and hear a business man talk about his next deal. I have done all three.

(Note: This is all based on averages from my own observation in the western world, not facts or specifics. Life position, to me, comes down to feeling of self-satisfaction, self-examination of class and power (power is the ability to defend what you value). Abuse, defects and restrictions on learning are obstacles that are immovable factors while every rule has exceptions. If you are looking to pick apart specifics or take my words as fact, move along and go bitch about your neighbour’s long grass.)

What was the difference between the beggar and the business man? Birth place, class, race, or upbringing can become overcome in today’s society, no longer a restriction or the root cause of life position. Surprisingly, the vagrant will have the best sounding morals and life outlook but worst life position. The average business man will have the worst sounding life outlook but best life position. The vagrant has had so much life experience and struggles it has shaped a real world view and a great philosophy. The business man has been busy his entire life producing, that it has kept him sheltered to a degree.

“Well the business man is just an entitled asshole”…yet so is the beggar. One asks for resources, the other takes resources, only difference is life position and power. “Well the vagrant is an addict and that is the difference.” The most drugs I have ever seen done in my life were by business man, they can just afford it. Not the difference to me. I won’t get into education or upbringing philosophies (unless this generates enough interest for a second part) but those are not the deciding factor to me.

Production, production is the difference. Talk is great and helpful but there is a point where talk is cheap and shit needs to start moving or it is useless. I’m happy for the monk that has chosen spiritual enlightenment and selfish living to be so sure of ones thoughts and life. But it is easy to be king of your own world when living in your own head, or feel like a millionaire with a Marc Jacobs bag, yet have no money inside it. Thing is there are people out there who decide what kingdom they will rule and their Versace is worn once without pride.

Welcome to class reassurance. The vagrant dreams of a room and better bike. A new corolla doesn’t make sense and a boat seems laughable. My peers dream of mansions and Bugattis. An abandoned Maserati in Dubai doesn’t make sense, the billboard that says buy your spouse a Lexus for Christmas, Seems laughable. Business men dream of an island and a newer jet. Running a corporation bigger than a country or mining mars…makes sense.

The vagrant doesn’t produce shit. The middle class produces almost everything, yet are not in power? Actually the business man produces the most. While on the 6th green playing golf… Think my theory has a hole in it?

The middle class has been trained using genius psychology to create a reward system that makes us happy. Our lives are not wasted or misguided, just sheltered. Not every ant can be a solider or else the colony would never function. We need the production and a worker ant doesn’t need to be able to control the colony because they are not capable to do so. Luckily we are not ants. No physical attribute define our class (If you think so please google; Rosa Parks, ten richest men, American president, and then go change your grandmas outlook or you excuse of self-pity). We have the ability to switch classes; it is just not commonly shared or encouraged information. We have been trained to see hard physical work and status symbols as respectable, which is fine. The business man controls all the production and that’s the way it goes. Don’t think about it.

So class doesn’t define class? No. Production defines class. If you are a hard working middle class person, you create production for the businessman; you create power but are not given enough control to have any power over it. Think of it like some cows (cliché I know) livestock that is forced to produce milk in stalls (slavery) produces less; also you have to manually feed them grain and provide the stall. Livestock that is free range, whom choose when they are milked (debt driven capitalism) are healthier, produce more, feed themselves in the fields and use the trees as shelter. They can keep enough milk to feed their young. Who are healthier and in turn able to produce earlier. Less labour, less cost, more production! The livestock do not know what they are producing or the value of what they do, they are given the illusion of freedom, hell even in 1 or 2 cows don’t come in it is ok, the heard needs to believe that they can be milked anytime they want. Also the heard doesn’t look at the farmer, they never see the farmer. They listen to the bull. They all want to be the bull. The bull isn’t shit but another piece of livestock used as a curtain by the farmer. The cows produce the milk and are happy, the farmer sells the milk and is happy, and the business sells the milk back to the farmer who is happy to get milk because he has no power over his production. The farmer can’t stop because he needed to show his farm is doing well and prove he works hard so he bought two new coal rolling dual-ies increasing his debt and continuing the cycle. It is not a bad cycle. It works and people are happy.

Many millionaires started with nothing, built an empire, and then lost it. The ones that don’t jump, the ones that truly made it themselves, go from square one, and do it again because they know they can and they know the ropes. I may never be a millionaire, just as most may never play in the NHL or be a Laker. But I never wanted to be a Laker.

Philosophy time is done, it’s time to produce. Time to move, time to create, time to change the culture. It may seem like I have a big ego, no. I’m just done eating grass and giving away my milk. Talking about building is only as good as what you build after. Like I said I never wanted to be a Laker…I want to own them. Millionaire? No, Billion always sounded better to me. Welcome to Rii Projects.