2014 Year In Review

This was Rii Projects 1st year and I think it did well. I still haven’t found the concrete direction that I want to take it and I don’t really have to rush. I think I will just keep doing what I’m doing.

2014 was the year that I:

-Launched Rii.
-Learnt to write.
-Enjoyed the fruition of becoming athletic of Crohns.
-Started the biological immune depressant Stelara.
-Helped get Brodie’s indoor ramps finished.
-Drifted a Miata with the top down in the middle of winter with my brother and his FR-S
-Learnt to standing backflip/double backflip.
-Learned to sew
-Traded a BMW E30 for a S13 coupe, a favorite car on mine and for my brother.
-Traveled for the first 1st time out of province in 3 years
-Won best trick in the opening competition at Three Hills.
-System BMX started helping me out with BMX parts.
-Started BMX double backflip training.
-125,000 views Rii.
-Bought and blew up a Aw11 MR2.
-Traded my Miata for a Truck.
-Completed a self-filmed edit.
-Started on the Blanch ranch action sports compound.
-Brothers FR-S and my Drift AE86 got finished.
-Broke finger.
-Met my wonderful g/f Sydney.
-Got a 240sx hatch back for a case of beer.
-Front row of Tegan and Sara
-Did my doublebacky on my bike at Blanch Ranch.
-Went skinny dipping and brought half a bar with me at 3 a.m.
-Rii west trip started.
-Rode North Battleford
-meet a guy from Japan biking to Argentina from Alaska
-rode Lloyd
-rode Edmonton
-Drove a RX-7 GSL-SE at redline.
-rode Vancouver with system bmx
-rode Kamloops  skatepark
-rode Vancouver trails
-got jiggy on a nude beach
-touched a Lexus LFA/599 gto
-busted my face in vancouver
-rode edmonton,
-rode Calgary
-Fixed with help 911 wiring problem
-cliff jumped at seebee falls (story to come)
-rode canmore with Aaron Brown
-took a week in Banff
-got speeding tickets
-stayed in lake Louise
-walked all of johsnton canyon
-swam in a glacier river at 6000ft
-drove bow valley
-rode Calgary
-filmed street drifting
-strathmore box jump shows with wade
-ran with bulls
-did saskatoon box jump shows
-front row at billy talent
-sister’s horse had its colt
-Porsche blew up
-leg blew up
-took my car drifting
-competed in Toronto dew tour
-made finals
-night on the street of Toronto (story to come)
-visted the AGO and ROM
-rode joyride 150
-jumped my red ae86
-started building Rii workshop
-rode kamloops!
-landed a flipwhip
-foot blew up
-moved to sasktoon
-learnt to photoshop
-got a Yamaha motorcycle
-caught my first fish then ate it
-bought a xbox one
– hit depression
-rode 3hills
-rode underground parking lots
-rode brodies
-went to hospital for crohns


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