We all feel it, fear is a part of everyday life. It has been a crucial part of surviving as a species. Telling us to stay away from danger instantly, and long term. It is a good thing we fear certain things, no one wants to get attacked by a cougar or be left hungry without shelter, so we take precautions to eradicate or lessen those fears. Fear that can be prepared for and solved is healthy because it makes us create; spears, fences, crops and communities to lessen the chance of those fears becoming reality. But intelligence doesn’t mean faultless thought.

People feel intelligent, because we are, but it is also our down fall as we assume we are right. It has been along time in the western world since the majority has had to worry about predators and food. Civilians no longer worry about the temperature outside or the wild animals miles from the city killing us, But the brain still produces fear and fear still has its use every moment. But the amount of fear felt is no longer comparable to fear of survival. People fear everything, sometimes to the point of being paralyzed by it, or avoiding it and changing their behavior for life. That makes sense for fear of the cougar when alone, it does not make sense for going out in public, the dust in the corner, fear of rejection, fear of trying, fear of failure, fear of the doctor, and fear of spiders.

Take the fear of a Doctor. People die because they are too scared of their hypothetical uneducated thoughts on the weird bump thing or stinky injury. People, literally, die, because fear makes them feel their actions are justified, fear of the unknown is a useful fear we have, but it can be irrational and dangerous in itself. If you always feel you are right you wont learn much in this world. People feel that just because they have fear they are justified with no critical thinking or recourse. Fear can defeat you before you even try something. Some people never open their mouth and share an idea or will be made uncomfortable in social situations because they fear the possible imaginary outcomes of disagreement. The thing is when you fear something it is usually an uneducated fear, your only scared because of stupidity. Some people cant jump off the diving board because they fear what could happen, but someone who has dived before no longer fears it but is prepared to deal with the outcomes. The more information and experience the more you can accurately gauge the fear of something.

If you are scared of spiders, research spiders you will find 100 human deaths in the last century, while coconuts kill 150 annually, hardly a rational fear. If you are scared of rejection try saying a few stupid things, no one is going to jump out and stab you for it. We base our fear on life and death when death really is not a result of most of our fears. Since the feeling is a reaction to danger and death we upgrade the fear if you never challenge your own thinking. yes germs can kill you, we have immune systems, we have been through a lot worse and being scared to touch another persons hand is so statistically safe yet our brain with take the one instance that someone got sick and say “HEY THAT WILL BE ME! I WILL DIE! RUN AWAY”. Then fear of being socially ostracized kicks in  for not shaking hands “If they judged me like I judge other people in my mind I WOULD DIE!” and we feel our peers will reject our behavior and you know if we didn’t have friends “WE WOULD DIE!” Thing is, thoughts are not reality. you are judged everyday…you lived and didn’t even notice because it never existed outside of thought.

The more we value something the more we fear and in turn the more irrational we get, money family, possessions all have so much fear attached that some times people ignore then rest of life to get money, or push their family away by trying to protect them from imaginary (or exaggerated) dangers they see. Some cars are never driven because of the fear of what might happen. Our Relationships with things can be completely destroyed by our own fear yet we feel justified and will never give it a second thought.

Someone can say get over your fear because they don’t fear it, that wont help anything (unless you fear rejection or disagreement so much it out weights the first fear). I say if you fear something educate yourself about the fear and then critically take a look at your own thought process and actions. Someone else’s thoughts can help a lot too, but just remember they can also be uneducated or undisciplined in their own fears. Sometimes you also just need to realize most of our fears are dumb, I say jump, live, try, fail, learn.

(P.s. All Photos Are A Small Amount Of My Recent PhotoShop Creations)


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