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(Sorry for the lack of visuals, my computer decided to fry its hard drive along with a lot of media, information, and pre written posts. I did have some backed up data but will still need to save for a new computer. So maybe just some philosophy instead of pictures and videos for a few months)

Electricity is something I often forget has such a deep relation with life; sure the 120v outlet and streetlights might be the first thing that crosses the mind. But really neurons released electrochemical pulses across the mind first. The protons and neutrons make up the atoms that are held together by electromagnetic waves and build matter itself. The brain is trillions of electrical waves that process other waves to create our existence.

Electricity’s role in life might be a bit weird to think about but not completely abstract. Waves, now there is something that is a bit more abstract to think about, at least for myself. Where ever electricity is present so are electromagnetic waves. So Electromagnetic waves are everywhere just like electricity but the many types of waves tend to play with my comprehension of life but also are very humbling to my own arrogance.

Lets start with visible light, everything we see around us is just radiation of a certain frequency wave that meets up with our eyes, each color is picked up by a cone in our eyes that creates waves in our nerves that excite waves between neurons and we see that color. Vision is something most people have a confidence in, but ever hear of a tetrachromatic person? They have a mutation in the eye of a fourth cone, each cone in the eye creates a mix of 100 different wavelengths so the normal 3 in a eye lets the average person see a million different colors, tetrachromatic people have a fourth cone so that number becomes 100 million! That is just one cone and it sees an entire world other people don’t. It may just be shades of colors between the visible light spectrum but still quite surprising what we don’t see even when color is part of almost everything in our life.

Sound waves travelling through the air give us hearing and the nerves on our fingertips give us touch and the receptors in our nose give us signals about what we smell. All these senses create everything to us yet they are only tools optimized for humans needs and small pulses of energy from our own cells. Humans process a few waves and think we are the peaks of all of existence. These waves are just a tiny part of wavelengths. Ever hear of rattlesnakes detecting a persons heat? Infrared is a wavelength just out of our eye threshold, and it carries heat, we feel it, but cannot see it besides its effect on visible light. Snakes “see” the heat, the dark doesn’t matter because it’s not in the wavelength of light, so night no longer exists to its receptors. That’s just the next step of wavelength frequencies and already color and light is no longer present. It can move onto microwaves and x rays and a few more. But the point of all this comes to radio waves, think about the radio. We turn on the stereo and listen in but if you think about it there are 100’s of radio frequencies carrying information all around us. We just turn on a mechanical receptor and listen in…

Think about it, there are songs, commands, communication all around, surrounding us every moment and we see and hear none of it, it doesn’t exist to us, until we turn it into our own frequency. We can be so confident in our ways or lifestyle with morals and beliefs that we kill each other yet every second an entire universe we don’t see or smell or feel if right there and we never hear the music until we tune into the right frequency. We think things are impossible or supernatural yet live in a small part of a gigantic chain of wavelengths and feel and see an even smaller part. Go take a drink of water and realize we take that glass of water and think we know everything about it enough to build religions, life goals, and wars around it. That water is a filtered empty space. We never could imagine the ponds or lakes and oceans let alone ice and rain or whales and coral reefs. To think we know what life is about is so naïve. You know nothing John Snow.