Monthly Archives: September 2015

Crohns Bones 

It’s been awhile since a story of Crohns
So here is a tale about weak bones

Predisone tends to suck out the density
I felt that this month with quite intensity

I had a miss step and started to flop
Then fell to the ground with a snap crackle pop

I rolled on the ground with pain in this case
For my foot was sideways and out of place

Luckily enough it found its way straight
So I figured a dislocation was its only fate

I rested in bed for a whole week
But the pain didn’t stop and I started to shriek

I took my ankle, all black and blue
To the nearest emergency hospital room

The doctor said it was not a sprain, actually quite broke
Two inches of my fibula? That must be a joke

I have walked around for several days
How could it be broken off in so many ways?

Nobody knows but sit and DO NOT STAND
Unless you want a club foot for traveling the land.

So to a hospital bed for a few days
Until we can open you up like on a episode of Grey’s

Now Count to 10 and enter a delirium
And wake up with 7 new screws and high grade titanium

My leg is stapled back and I thought it was over
But the medications took a toll and had me hunched over

My weak stomach could not take the hit
So now Crohns attacks every bit

Dealing with the leg now becomes secondary
Having to manage both is just the cherry

Off to the bathroom like a kangaroo
That is missing one leg out of the two

But it gets better and better everyday
I just hope I can walk while winter is at bay

A double hit really isn’t that bad
But missing my summer makes me mad

I’ll just play some forza in my room…
But after a couple days it turns to a tomb
Restless and night because there is so much to do!

Fix up a barn for my winter retreat
But it will be useless with out electricity and heat!

I can’t do another winter, not like the last
It doesn’t help right now being stuck in a cast

As this all happens something new comes by
A new biological medicine to try

So Limp to the clinic and grab an I.v.
Now sit in a chair you cannot leave

side effects hopefully won’t be crazy
But no one has tried it, so details are hazy

Don’t get me wrong, Im still glad to try
I just hope I don’t wake up growing a third eye

This entire year feels like a mess
My symptoms and life, have given me stress

Every moment I remember how lucky I am
But my feelings ignore it and don’t give a damn

What to do when you are stuck in self pity
But consciously know your attitude is shitty

In my mind I want to do my best
But right now I just sit here and rest

It’s easy to hate the rut that I’m in
When I can’t find the solution needed to win

More possessions won’t be the answer.
But being productive might remove this cancer

So I think I’ll heal then pull up my shorts
Head to the gym and try out some sports

It might be not be building a car, or riding my bike
But the only way up is by starting to hike