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Movin On Up

Well here is an update on me. First of all huge thanks to my father for helping me replace my computer, I was going crazy with my leg busted and nothing to make me feel productive. As far as broken limbs go, this one really hasn’t been that bad. Immobility has been the only real annoyance, my mood has been good, pain is almost non existent and with the ability to produce art again that has really helped pass the time. I feel lucky (relatively) for having such a bad break mixed with waiting so long to get it looked at I do feel it has been a relative easy journey with no signs of a permanent pirate peg leg walk hanging around.


Some exciting things have also been going on during all this. My wonderful girlfriend and I moved into a basement suite which is something really fun and needed. Saskatoon has been fine but with all my family, tools, and vehicles in Prince Albert it was really hard over the past year trying to make it feel like home, when half my life was still where I grew up. The last place I was staying was great but a 10x12ft room with no storage and two people living in it was not meant to be sustainable for more than a couple months let alone over a year! I was getting strong pulls for Prince Albert but Sydney pulled off the impossible! She found us 10x the space, good location, no roomates, good area, with the option of pets for the future, and in budget, but most importantly a small garage that is all mine!


LSX F-40 Missile   Inspired off of the style of artist Khyzyl Saleem

Very grateful to move with such a resourceful woman, going from good roommates to living in a pair is a pretty fun adventure but also more of a difference than I expected…and stupid expensive. Who budgets what pepper costs or that you need more than 2 forks and a dish towel. Family becomes a great resource for microwaves, plates, and furniture. Luckily for us sydney is the eldest and first to move so we had first pick of treasures from her old household.


Hakosuka wall tap at FD Long Beach

being able to create my own environment without restriction from consideration of what is normal or expected is amazing. I am not a person to stress over a broken glass or muddy shoes. It breaks, you fix it. No need for blaming with loud words or even serious acknowledgment. Shit happens and life goes on, but you cannot be in someone else s house and act like that, you need to respect their things and rules and living space, as it should be. But having to worry about menial things isn’t a thing I do naturally so my own space is nice, I can drive a rc car all over the house or set up a balancing skateboard in the middle of a room or leave my paints and sewing machine out without having to worry about someone else’s concerns…well except Sydney, who will probably keep me grounded so I don’t end up building a rally car in the kitchen or a half pipe in our bathroom.


Widebody Porsche 550

Having a garage is HUGE! I haven’t had one in maybe 4 years? and still that was my fathers who understandably wasn’t very impressed with his son cutting cars in half to see what happens, but he still let me and I still like cutting things in half and learning things for myself. Having my own industrial grade creative space has allowed me to bring up my drift car and tools which makes me feel a lot more comfortable calling Saskatoon my home and planning on longer term residence. Now when something breaks I can fix it without borrowing tools or wishing I was in prince albert and even better I can start and finish my own projects and ideas with experiments that most people wont see the value in, but I no longer have to explain them and worry about over stepping boundaries on someone else’s land. FREEDOM! (p.s. my neighbors have drift trikes and old cars too, so pretty cool bonus)


To Celebrate Back To The Future Day -AE86

But I have still been immobile so a lot of digital art has been produced and I think I have improved quite a lot. I found an artist that pretty much does exactly what I do which was a surprise to say the least, originality isn’t so original after all, but its pretty cool to see someone else’s take on modifying cars and their concepts. He also may even do it as a profession for EA which is neat as well that a studio can see a value in it. So here are a few of my new photoshop creations to go along with my update.


Historic Livery  SCCA Trans-Am inspired 2015 Mustang (scratch drawn)


Fast forward to December.

Balance is the source code to life, my world was rocked a little when I went to go pick up my first pet (Stark the tuxedo kitty). While I was out my bike was stolen from the back seat of my truck. My fault, seems the door wasn’t locked, no glass was broken. The truck itself was in a very tucked away position in my back alley parking spot in a quit neighborhood. So quite a shock. I haven’t had a bike stolen or go missing since I started to seriously bike my life 1o years ago. I guess after 10 years security relaxes and dangers ignored but that has now changed after this terrible wake up call.

919 711

Porsche 919 night run


It fucked up my life pretty hard, I think the menial thing of life don’t bother me because they aren’t important to me, my bike is important to me, even when I can’t ride it or enjoy it. the presence of it is important. I did everything I could, made Facebook groups, police reports, posters, and talked to all the bike shops. It paid off in the end after a week in the hands of extremist hostage takers (not really) it was recovered mostly in one piece missing the front end but much better than having to try to get a new one. It is so central to my life I always thought I would just instantly buy a new one. But when reality came crashing down, it’s not a normal bike. It would take 2-3 months to order in the factory parts I need without a guarantee I can even get the ones I want, get parts custom machined, hope I get all the geometry right, and then break it in and hope nothing fails right off the bat and start to build trust in it. LET ALONE COST, its the most important part of my life, so money is no object it would never stop me from enjoying what I love but there is still a reality and when you sew your clothes back together along with take use less shampoo to save money. A world class bike isn’t a drop in the hat. I could go the sponsor route to get a new bike but with my health and the amount of ups and downs it brings I really couldn’t agree to  obligations to represent anyone. Some times I can ride my bike with skill but that takes a lot of effort, planning and luck and only works for a very short time before my bodily restrictions end it. More than often I just ride it a little to go shit talk at the skate park with friends or stare at it with piece of mind.


Datsun 2000 with 240z front end (scratch drawn)

Losing my bike was a wake up call in priories of my person. Same day I lost it I put 5 cars for sale and any other things of value I could sell, and didn’t care. Its nice to know what make you whole and teaches you to put a fucking lock on it. I was quite sullen for the week it was gone, angry at random points in the day and didn’t sleep well. The biking community was great over 100 people shared my poster and had 5-10 guys that would show up instantly if any clues popped up as to where it was located. Funnily enough I was informed it was stolen even before I even knew myself, I received a call from a BMX’er who wanted to know if it was missing because he was watching another person ride it down a street downtown. Just seeing another person on my bike was enough to make him question its status. Good stuff.


599 Desert Run

Here are just a few concept drawings I have created. They are fun and I still make them but I’m happy with the skill I have reached. So I decided to bite the bullet and start on 3-D design and video game coding which is a huge step for me. That will be for another update, for now enjoy my weird concept cars.


Tried to un-ugly a Pagani Huayra



Really fun scratch drawn picture


Slant Nose 911