This is the blog/website for Rii (pronounced as “rye”) Projects. Facebook Found Here.

I am an artist from Saskatchewan, Canada. I suffer from Crohns disease, diagnosed 7 years ago which left me disabled. As a result I created this artistic outlet called Rii Projects. I use digital media to create art, mostly automotive based as I have a huge interest in vehicles. I pride myself on accuracy, detail, and originality. Mainly I create 3 types of art: Hand drawn digital portraits of vehicles, photo realistic image modification, and writing, which often includes photography and cinematography. I have chosen digital media as medical side effects of my ailment has left my hands with a permanent shake which does not lend itself well to drawing, painting, or writing by hand in any sort of accuracy.

This originally discouraged me from producing ANY art even for personal enjoyment, but as I learned to manage my disease I also found digital media to express myself and ideas. The digital world is today’s communication, I self taught myself over the years to perfect use of it, finding enjoyment in art again. Now instead of messing up an entire project when my hand shakes, I can easy fix the mistake made and redo the technical process without trace. My accuracy, skill, and medium is what sets me apart as an artist. Not only can my art be displayed on all social media and computer based channels without needing to be degraded or lose quality, it can be made into ANY physical medium that can be printed! This is a huge advantage over traditional mediums. Below is a description of each type of art I produce regularly:

Customer Hand Drawn Digital Paintings – These are digital paintings commissioned of real life vehicles, done to an extreme detail standard. Working off reference photos of the machine, I create a digitally hand painted image of a customers pride and joy. Often connecting through Facebook and coordinating online transactions of imagery and payment. This gives the customer ease of sale and complete freedom of physical medium. The final image is emailed as an industry standard .JPEG image which can be taken or emailed by customer to be printed at any outlet they see fit, or even from home! Some examples of previously completed works include, picture and frame, skateboards, stickers, posters, shirts, banners and many other mediums a printing company can produce. This keeps the cost of commission low and maximizes ease and speed. A customer can commission, pay, and receive the finished art work without ever leaving their computer, or even smart phone! For even more information see

Photo realistic image manipulation – This is a “Photoshop” based medium in which I routinely make concepts of vehicles, photo correction/restoration, or photo realistic art.
I often post these to the Facebook page and include community involvement to create works.

Writing – Dealing with chronic illness is a wild journey! Writing gives me a way of communicating my opinions, thoughts, or ideas with others. Sometimes it is just a way to relieve stress and inner turmoil. I also love documenting topics, places, or people that interest me. I try my best to create a entertaining, informative, and accurate narrative, often including photography and cinematography to accentuate immersion.


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