This is the center hub for Rii Projects which is a common theme for the many things I enjoy and experiment with. Located in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I am a Artist above all else, I enjoy creating digital paintings of custom cars and vehicles that have character and value to someone. Also I experiment with  one off handmade products from; clothing, to BMX/cars parts, art and decor. To anything else I feel like trying my hand at, or that I feel I can try to improve upon. Lifestyle updates on things I find useful, fun, or cool as well as my thoughts, opinions and theories. There will be a lot of media (photos/videos) updates as well. I have no time frame for posts, I go with what I feel.

I feel for myself there is an overuse of mass produced items in my life, even though they are cheaper and better engineered than what I can make. I still feel the need to try to make items myself and modify the world around me. The feel of worn leather or the chips of paint missing from a corner cannot be recreated in mass production. I do this to gain knowledge of how to build, express myself and fail.
A goal for myself when looking at a project is finding the rawest form of material plausible to start with like; bare sheet metal, cut fabric, sheet plastic, tree wood or vinyl rolls. I like to hand stitch instead of use a machine and hand cut stickers. It helps make very rare and unique items that can’t be reproduced accurately and insures a truly one off product. The mistakes a human makes or the misjudgment and non-uniformity in production and creation I believe is part of us, and something missing in my life which I have decided to change.

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