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Spring Self Filmed BMX Edit

Worked the last week on this. Going to now take a week off to heal. Enjoy bikes!


Empire of Dirt

Delusions on grandeur, misled optimism? I call it the road less taken. This week has been one of the most amazing and fulfilling weeks in recent memory, and most has revolved around broken cars that have been given up on. 

This week started by automobiles taking a back seat to the important things. The biggest car meet of the year went down and I chose to instead travel and ride bikes with a friend before he took off to trot the globe for the summer. Cars will be there later, Friends, family and health might not be so I took advantage. Which is noble and all but my Porsche also needs new tires, oil change, spark plugs and belt…so friends and BMX was cheaper! Luckily even though I picked bikes the weekend did included me driving an Audi A4 and a vicious Mercedes 6.3 AMG, since my friends are cool and gave me the privilege. Test drove a new WRX STI which was horrible, and traded my Miata for my mom’s Hyundai so my bike wouldn’t get so wet during the weekends rainstorms.
I went out to a giant extreme sports compound and started to meet some people I’m sure will become good friends after this very big project we are working on comes into fruition. In the mail an amazing custom sprocket, from a new sponsor, system bicycles, showed up. A hydro ebrake for my drift ae86 also showed up at the post office. The weather was quite up and down and I felt the seasonal depression kicking my ass but knew it would only last so long. Plus my sister brought home a new kitty for our family so who can be sad with a kitty sitting on your head while you type.
Unfortunately with my mind not on my a-game, a repeated problem arose in my relationship and I had to make the choice to move on but that is a post in itself. The next day I started the fun part of my week, a friend of mine wanted a bush beater car. I had a devastated Saturn sc2 that was useless to me, for $200 we got some wheels on it that I found in the bush by the car, took a battery out of the stalled truck he drove in but only after he got stuck in my driveway and I had to pull him out, with my mom’s 4×4 that bottomed out earlier in the day and had to get another 4×4 to pull me out (Seriously my driveway fucking sucks, and treating someone else’s car without respect is not ok so have to get my own 4×4). The Saturn fired up. We sawed off the roof, exhaust and intake then punched some holes through the floor to drain some water. I charged the battery on my 911 and it fired up! Unfortunately the AE86 blocking it in, did not start and had to charge that battery putting the release of the fire spitting 911 to another day.
Today started well when a Toyota AW11 mr2 came up for sale in my town. I rushed over there and bought it with the $200 from the Saturn. It is rusty, and had a bit of a blown gasket on its mighty 4age. In my skewed mind these are not problems just more things to learn on and fun challenges. So called a few friends until one rolled up in an down and dirty 58 Chevy  rocking vintage patina to drive my truck back and I pinned that mr2 all the way home and dealt the screaming 4age a death blow that was inevitable, showed at my gate in a cloud of sweet smelling smoke the result of burning coolant and 8200rpm redline. The gate to my house and life was were the beast decided to give up, Knowing that somehow it can now rest until it is resurrected, it had reach its destination and fought with everything to get there. Unfortunately the truck was behind the mr2 and the bumpers did not line up, plus not my truck so not going to do anything disrespectful to it, but the battery was charged on the AE86 from the day before so the mr2 found its resting place with the guidance and tow of another 4age which is fitting.
I have now borrowed a truck for over a week so that was my limit and time to buy my own. So Miata is the car on the chopping block. Later this week hopefully a trade is made. My new bike is also in! On Wednesday I should have a brand new BMX via genes sports excellence, for my summer travels. Maybe not the most exciting or amazing story but not bad for a regular week, broken cars can be fun if you have the tools and right mindset. Car may just be metal but can also be forged into so much more.
P.s. Miata is now a 2004 ford f-150 4×4, trade was made.


Hi, I don’t expect to much traffic here but hey got to start some where. This is the center hub for Rii Projects which is a common theme for the many things i enjoy and experiment with. Expect one off handmade products from clothing to bmx/cars parts, art and decor to anything else i feel like trying my hand at or that i can try to improve. Also lifestyle updates of things i find useful, fun or gnarly. So here is the first post, a Grand Theft auto BMX edit. hope you enjoy!